Beach Boys: Break Away | Song-Factsheet


Song «Break Away» von Beach Boys.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1969 06 16 (Single), 1969 04 10 (Rec.)
Label: Capitol 2530
Songwriter Reggie Dunbar & Brian Wilson
Produktion: Brian Wilson & Murray Wilson
Genre: Pop - Progressivepop - Baroquepop


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Personen und Querverweise

Beach Boys
Reggie Dunbar
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson
Murray Wilson


[Intro] Break break shake away Break breakaway Now I'm free to do what I want to do [Verse 1] Time will not wait for me Time is my destiny Why change the part of me that has to be free The love that passed me by I found no reason why But now each day is filled with the love That very same love That passed me by And that is why I can breakaway from that lonely life And I can do what I want to do And breakaway from that empty life And my world is new When I laid down on my bed I heard voices in my head Telling me now "Hey it's only a dream" The more I thought of it I had been out of it And here's the answer I found instead [Bridge][x3] (Baby baby) Found out it was in my head [Verse 2] And I can breakaway to the better life Where the shackles never hold me down I'm going to make a way for each happy day As my life turns around [Bridge][x2] Come on we're free to breakaway (Oh boy you jump for joy) Now won't you come on (When you breakaway) You're free to breakaways (Breakaway) [Outro][x2] Feel the vibrations In all the sensations Breakaway