Barbara Cook: After The Ball | Song-Factsheet


Song «After The Ball» von Barbara Cook.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1966 (Album)
Label: RCA Victor LOC 1126
Songwriter Charles K. Harris
Genre: Akademica - Funktionale-Musik - Musical


Studio Cast von Show Boat

Personen und Querverweise

Barbara Cook
Charles K. Harris


Verse 1 A little maiden climbed an old man's knee, Begged for a story – "Do, Uncle, please. Why are you single; why live alone? Have you no babies; have you no home?" "I had a sweetheart years, years ago; Where she is now pet, you will soon know. List to the story, I'll tell it all, I believed her faithless after the ball." Refrain After the ball is over, After the break of morn – After the dancers' leaving; After the stars are gone; Many a heart is aching, If you could read them all; Many the hopes that have vanished After the ball. Verse 2 Bright lights were flashing in the grand ballroom, Softly the music playing sweet tunes. There came my sweetheart, my love, my own – "I wish some water; leave me alone." When I returned dear there stood a man, Kissing my sweetheart as lovers can. Down fell the glass pet, broken, that's all, Just as my heart was after the ball. Repeat refrain Verse 3 Long years have passed child, I've never wed. True to my lost love though she is dead. She tried to tell me, tried to explain; I would not listen, pleadings were vain. One day a letter came from that man, He was her brother – the letter ran. That's why I'm lonely, no home at all; I broke her heart pet, after the ball. Repeat refrain