Aztec Camera: Just Like Gold | Song-Factsheet


Song «Just Like Gold» von Aztec Camera.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1981 03 (Single)
Label: Postcard Records 81-3
Songwriter Roddy Frame
Genre: Indiepop - Janglepop, Indiepop - Artpop - Sophistipop


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Personen und Querverweise

Aztec Camera
Roddy Frame


Over fields and hills Waits a train for us But we're here because And I'm counting Up to 9 again Up to 9 again That's how long it lasts Is this still a gift? Something we can use Oh, I'm sorry I'm late But I started to wait And discovered I'd lost my shoes The gold in my excuse Is only there for you I show you jewels you've seen a thousand times And then I tell you that those jewels were never mine So when you're asking me to Define that feeling for you What can I say? It's there until it goes away and If they had voices then they'd whisper threats When they come, they come in silhouettes Take my arms and tell me: "Don't forget" I had a story, oh I hope I hadn't told it yet, I If I could take you there again, someday You'd only say we've been there, anyway You'd find your diamonds But they fade away to ask You're flying backwards Now you lose more everytime you crash and... Now I'm aware of where it's safe to meet I find my shoes and then I find my feet So when you're asking me to Define that feeling for you That's what I'll say It's only there until that gold just slips away