Appaloosa: Fill The Blanks | Song-Factsheet


Song «Fill The Blanks» von Appaloosa.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2013 07 25 (Digital)
Songwriter Anne-Laure Keib & Max Krefeld
Produktion: Johnny Jewel
Genre: Indiepop - Blog-Indie - Chillwave


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Personen und Querverweise

Anne-Laure Keib
Max Krefeld
Johnny Jewel


Oh, I'm not the only one To think that I'm in love And if you come along Then you know, ah la la la Fill the blanks inside my head With memories of you instead If you knew how I feel When I am next to you Life again just blows my mind You are so cool and kind I really think I feel That God will set us free Bye bye ghosts I really loved to feel you Bye bye ghosts Too many empty rooms Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye Oh, I look to you and me Forever c'est la vie I want to see the world And keep on singing la la la