Amos Milburn: Chicken-Shack Boogie | Song-Factsheet


Song «Chicken-Shack Boogie» von Amos Milburn.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1948 11 (Single), 1956 08 (Single Re-Recording)
Label: Aladdin 3014, Aladdin 45 3332 (Single Re-Recording)
Songwriter Amos Milburn & Anne Cullum
Produktion: Maxwell Davis
Genre: Afroamericana - Rhythm'n'Blues - Jumpblues


Anne Cullum wird nur für die Neuaufnahme von 1956 als Autorin geführt.

Personen und Querverweise

Amos Milburn
Amos Milburn
Anne Cullum
Maxwell Davis


Hello cat I just got back I'm looking for that place they call the Chicken Shack They say it's fine as wine and it's really all a ball no windows no doors it's just a hole in the wall Did you say it was located down by the creek where you can get a whole gob of good things to eat all good portions of chicken once more is a cinch you can even get the last part that went over the fence They say it's the place where all the bad cats meet you'd better be mighty careful where you take a seat There's a place where the lights coming through the wall you'd better be mighty careful, let's have a ball come on all you fellows and tack a drink fron my pack cause the party's ready to start down at the chicken shack