Al Stewart: On The Border | Song-Factsheet


Song «On The Border» von Al Stewart.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1976 10 (Album), 1977 (Single)
Label: RCA RS 1082, RCA
Songwriter Al Stewart
Produktion: Alan Parsons
Genre: Rock - Progrock - Softprog


Einer der historischen Songs von Al Stewart über den spanischen Bürgerkrieg.
Formal ein AABA-Song, in dem der Songtitel als Refrain im Sinn der immer gleichen oder ähnlichen Schlusszeile eines A-Verses vorkommt. Die Reprise wiederholt den B-Teil und den um ein Instrumentales Zwischenspiel verlängerten ersten A-Teil.

Personen und Querverweise

Al Stewart
Al Stewart
Alan Parsons


[A] The fishing boats go out across the evening water Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border The wind whips up the waves so loud The ghost moon sails among the clouds Turns the rifles into silver on the border [A] On my wall the colours of the maps are running From Africa the winds they talk of changes coming The torches flare up in the night The hand that sets the farms alight Has spread the word to those who're waiting on the border [B] In the village where I grew up Nothing seems the same Still you never see the change from day to day And no-one notices the customs slip away [A] Late last night the rain was knocking at my window I moved across the darkened room and in the lampglow I thought I saw down in the street The spirit of the century Telling us that we're all standing on the border [B] In the islands where I grew up Nothing seems the same It's just the patterns that remain an empty shell But there's a strangeness in the air you feel too well [A Instrumental und A1] [Outro] On the border On the border On the border