A Split-Second: Flesh | Song-Factsheet


Song «Flesh» von A Split-Second.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1986 (EP), 1988 (Single)
Label: Antler 046, FFRR FFRX 23
Songwriter Chrismar Chayell & Marc Ickx
Genre: Electronica - Newbeat


Dieser Track begründete den Newbeat-Stil. Belgische DJs spielten ihn statt bei 45 bei 33 rpm (sihe: Flesh (33 rpm).

Personen und Querverweise

A Split-Second
Chrismar Chayell
Marc Ickx


This is when your flesh Crimson and pale Withers behind the blackened veil The vacant flesh A petrifying look, the choice is easy The outcome always the same The shortest way to cardiac arrest The flesh that dreams are made of doesn't last This when you turn To sanctimonious rituals The duty of the beast