V. A. (Numero Group): Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music | Release-Factsheet


Release «Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music» von V. A. (Numero Group).


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2016 03 18 (Ed.)
Label: Numero Group NUM 058
Produktion: Verschiedene
Genre: Rock - Countryrock


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Personen und Querverweise

V. A. (Numero Group)


1. Jimmy Carter: Travelin' 2. Mistress Mary: And I Didn't Want You 3. Plain Jane: You Can't Make It Alone 4. Dan Pavlides: Lily of the Valley 5. ANGEL OAK: I Saw Her Cry 6. Kathy Heideman: Sleep a Million Years 7. Deerfield: Me Lovin' You 8. Arrogance: To See Her Smile 9. Jeff Cowell: Not Down This Low 10. Kenny Knight: Baby's Back 11. The Black Canyon Gang: Lonesome City 12. Allan Wachs: Mountain Roads 13. Mike & Pam Martin: Lonely Entertainer 14. Bill Madison: Buffalo Skinners 15. White Cloud: All Cried Out 16. Ethel-Ann Powell: Gentle One 17. Sandy Harless: I Knew Her Well 18. F.J. McMahon: The Spirit of the Golden Juice 19. Doug Firebaugh: Alabama Railroad Town