V. A. (Grapefruit Records): Across The Great Divide. Getting It Together In The Country 1968-74 | Release-Factsheet



Release «Across The Great Divide. Getting It Together In The Country 1968-74» von V. A. (Grapefruit Records).


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2019 10 25 (Ed.), 1974-68 (Rec.)
Label: Grapefruit Records CRSEGBOX 061
Produktion: Verschiedene
Genre: Rock - Folkrock - Countryfolkrock, Rock - Countryrock, Rock - Rootsrock


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Personen und Querverweise

V. A. (Grapefruit Records)


CD 1: Teatime On The Trail 1. Heads Hands & Feet: Warming Up The Band (Albert Lee, Chas Hodges, Pete Gavin, Raymond Barry Smith, Tony Colton) - 2. Fairport Convention: Cajun Woman (Richard Thompson) - 3. Mott The Hoople: Home Is Where I Want To Be (Mick Ralphs) - 4. Mighty Baby: Devil's Whisper (Alan King, Ian Whiteman, Martin Stone, Mike Evans, Roger Powell) - 5. Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers: Desert Island Woman (Philip Charles Lithman) - 6. Shape Of The Rain: Willowing Trees (Brian Wood, Keith Riley, Len Riley, Tag Waggett) - 7. Tony Hazzard: Abbot Of The Vale (Tony Hazzard) - 8. Hollies: Louisiana Man (Doug Kershaw) - 9. Mason: Fading (Ian Amey, John Dymond, Peter Mason) - 10. Unicorn: Sleep Song (Ken Baker) - 11. Open Road: Boy, You've Got The Sun In Your Eyes (Barry Husband) - 12. Marmalade: Cousin Norman (Hugh Nicholson) - 13. Richmond: Clifftop (Chas Seward, Steve Hall) - 14. Starry Eyed And Laughing: Lady Came From The South (Tony Poole) - 15. Stray (6): Oil Fumes And Sea Air (Del Bromham) - 16. Rare Bird: Redman (Aaron Hall, Andrew Curtis, Dave Kaffinetti, Fred Kelly, Steve Gould) - 17. Sutherland Brothers: The Pie (Iain Sutherland) - 18. Matthews' Southern Comfort: Touch Her If You Can (Mitch Jayne, Rodney Dillard) - 19. Quicksand: Empty Street, Empty Heart (Phil Davies) - 20. Faces: Ooh La La (Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane) - ^CD 2: Before The Goldrush 1. Brinsley Schwarz: Country Girl (Nick Lowe) - 2. McGuinness Flint: When I'm Dead And Gone (Frank McGuinness, Hughie Flint) - 3. Traffic: Forty Thousand Headmen (Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood) - 4. Bronco: New Day Avenue (Jess Roden, Suzy Worth) - 5. Tranquility: Try Again (Terry Shaddick) - 6. Cochise: Velvet Mountain (Mick Grabham) - 7. Procol Harum: A Souvenir Of London (Gary Brooker, Keith Reid) - 8. Deep Set: Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) - 9. Steve Jameson: Day The World Ran Away (Marshall John Doctors, Steve Jameson) - 10. Byzantium: I'll Just Take My Time (Mick Barakan, Robin Lamble) - 11. High Broom: It's A Way To Pass The Time (Derek Smallcombe, Roger Siggery) - 12. Holy Mackerel: Going To The Country (Leo Sidran, Steve Miller) - 13. Montage: Liquor Man (Brian Bennett, Brian Prebble, Terry Dobson) - 14. Shelagh McDonald: Jesus Is Just Alright (Arthur Reynolds) - 15. Granny's Intentions: We Both Need To Know (Johnny Duhan) - 16. Heron: Bye And Bye (G.T. Moore) - 17. Timebox: Country Dan And City Lil (Ollie Halsall) - 18. Searchers: And A Button (Frank Allen, John McNally, Mike Pender) - 19. Orange Bicycle: Take Me To The Pilot (Elton John & Bernie Taupin) - 20. Natural Gas: The Jailer (Alex Sinclair, Steve Dale) - 21. Curtiss Maldoon: So Nice (Clive Maldoon, Dave Curtiss) - 22. Jawbone: Million Times Before (Kirk Duncan) - ^CD 3: Urban Cowboys 1. Carole Pegg: Open The Door (Judy Collins) - 2. Rod Stewart: Country Comfort (Elton John & Bernie Taupin) - 3. Northwind: Home For Frozen Roses (Brian Young) - 4. Bridget St. John: Nice (Bridget St. John) - 5. Pretty Things: Country Road (Pete Tolson, Phil May) - 6. Andy Roberts: Home Grown (Andy Roberts) - 7. Edwards Hand: Sheriff Myras Lincoln (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) - 8. Marianne Segal: Circle Round The Sun (Marianne Segal) - 9. Parlour Band: Pretty Haired Girl (Peter Filleul) - 10. Tremeloes: Hello Buddy (Alan Blakley, Len Hawkes) - 11. Greasy Bear: Tallawaya (C.P. Lee, Ian Wilson) - 12. Man: My Name Is Jesus Smith (Deke Leonard, Micky Jones) - 13. Keith Christmas: Metropolis (Keith Christmas) - 14. Deep Feeling: Country Heir (Single Edit) (David Green (9), Martin Jenner) - 15. Prelude: Johnson Boy (Brian Hume, Ian Vardy) - 16. Paul Brett's Sage: Cottage Made For Two (Dick Dufall) - 17. Dave Cousins & Dave Lambert: See How They Run (Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert) - 18. Mother Nature: Clear Blue Sky (Jon Reeves, Pete Reynolds, Rod Copping, Steve Norchi) - 19. Idle Race: Dancing Flower (Dave Pritchard) - 20. Illusions: Wheel Of Fortune (John Parker) - 21. Gordon, Ellis & Steele: My Little One (Gordon, Ellis & Steele) - 22. Plainsong: I'll Fly Away (Demo Version) (Albert E. Brumley) -