V. A. (Columbia): The Nervous Set | Release-Factsheet


Release «The Nervous Set» von V. A. (Columbia).


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1959
Label: Columbia Masterworks OS 2018
Produktion: Goddard Lieberson
Genre: Akademica - Funktionale-Musik - Musical


Off-Broadway Musical von 1959, geschrieben von Jay Landesman (unpublizierter Roman).

Personen und Querverweise

V. A. (Columbia)
Goddard Lieberson


Seite A 1. "The Nervous Set" Company: Overture: Man, We're Beat - 2. Richard Hayes & Tom Aldredge & Tani Seitz: New York - 3. Tani Seitz & Richard Hayes: What's To Lose: Stars Have Blown My Way - 4. Richard Hayes: Fun Life - 5. Del Close: How Do You Like Your Love - 6. "The Nervous Set" Company: Party Song - 7. Richard Hayes & Tani Seitz: Night People - *Seite B 1. "The Nervous Set" Company: Overture, Act 2 - 2. "The Nervous Set" Company: Party Song - 3. Tani Seitz: I've Got A Lot To Learn About Life - 4. Tani Seitz: The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men - 5. Richard Hayes & Tani Seitz: A Country Gentleman - 6. Gerald Hiken & Richard Hayes & Del Close & Tom Aldredge: Max The Millionaire - 7. Larry Hagman & "The Nervous Set" Company: Travel The Road Of Love - 8. Richard Hayes: Laugh, I Thought I'd Die - 9. "The Nervous Set" Company: Fun Life (Reprise) - *Alle Tracks: Theodore J. Flicker (Lyrics), Fran Landesman (Lyrics), Jay Landesman (Lyrics) und Tommy Wolf (Musik).