Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton: American Folk Tales And Songs | Release-Factsheet


Release «American Folk Tales And Songs» von Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1956
Label: Tradition Records TLP 1011
Genre: Folk - Urbanfolk - American-Folkmusic-Revival


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Personen und Querverweise

Jean Ritchie
Paul Clayton


Seite A 1. The Gambling Suitor 2. That's Once 3. The Bashful Courtship 4. The Split Dog 5. Locks and Bolts 6. The Snakebit Hoehandle 7. The Old Grey Goose is Dead 8. The Big Toe 9. The Deaf Women's Courtship *Seite B 1. Wondrous Love 2. The Devil's Questions 3. The Man in the Kraut Tub 4. The Swapping Song 5. The Hickory Toothpick 6. The Riddle Song