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Diana Ross: Thank You | Release-Factsheet


Release «Thank You» von Diana Ross.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 2021 11 05
Label: Decca B 0034286
Produktion: Jack Antonoff & Rodney Kendrick & Charlie McClean & Troy Miller & Neff-U & Diana Ross & Triangle Park & Fred White
Genre: Afroamericana - R'n'B - Nusoul


Diese Veröffentlichung muss noch annotiert werden.

Personen und Querverweise

Diana Ross


1. Thank You (Nathaniel Ledwidge, Troy Miller, Diana Ross, Amy Wadge, Christian Paul Wossilek) - 3:45 2. If the World Just Danced (Scott M. Carter, Andre' Pinckney, Ali Prawl, Diana Ross, Jaquetta Singleton, Amy Wadge, Vanessa Wood) - 3:44 3. All Is Well (Diana Ross, Rhonda Ross, Fred White) - 4:32 4. In Your Heart (Prince Charlez, Charles Hinshaw, Diana Ross, Amy Wadge) - 4:16 5. Just in Case (Jimmy Napes, Tayla Parx, Diana Ross, Freddy Wexler, Fred White) - 3:09 6. The Answer's Always Love (Barry Eastman, Siedah Garrett) - 4:33 7. Let's Do It (Theron Feemster, Diana Ross, Fred White) - 3:40 8. I Still Believe (Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Charlie McLean, Autumn Rowe, Violet Skies) - 3:38 9. Count on Me (Rhonda Ross) - 3:29 10. Tomorrow (Scott M. Carter, Kyla Moscovich, Andre' Pinckney, Ali Prawl, Alex Stacey, Chris Stevens, Amy Wadge, Vanessa Wood) - 3:23 11. Beautiful Love (Diana Ross, Fred White) - 4:00 12. Time to Call (Teyana Miller, Troy Miller, Diana Ross) - 3:31 13. Come Together (Timothy Bloom, Prince Charlez, Charles Hinshaw, Diana Ross, Ayak Thiik, Marvee Woods) - 3:43