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Caravan: In The Land Of Grey And Pink | Release-Factsheet


Release «In The Land Of Grey And Pink» von Caravan.


Veröffentlichungsdaten: 1971 04 08
Label: Deram SDL-R 1
Produktion: David Hitchcock
Genre: Rock - Progrock - Canterbury-Scene


Diese Veröffentlichung muss noch annotiert werden.

Personen und Querverweise



Seite A 1. Golf Girl - 5:00 2. Winter Wine - 7:36 3. Love to Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly) - 3:04 4. In the Land of Grey and Pink - 5:00 *Seite B 1. Nine Feet Underground/Nigel Blows a Tune/Love's a Friend/Make It 76/Dance of the Seven Paper Hankies/Hold Grandad by the Nose/Honest I Did!/Disassociation/100% Proof - 22:43 *Bonustracks der Remaster CD Ausgabe von 2001: 1. I Don't Know Its Name (Alias The Word) - 6:12 2. Aristocracy - 3:42 3. It's Likely To have A Name Next Week (Winter Wine Instrumental) - 7:48 4. Group Girl (First Version of Golf Girl with different lyrics) - 5:04 5. Dissassociation/100% Proof (new mix) - 8:35 *Alle Tracks: Richard Coughlan, Pye Hastings, Richard Sinclair und Dave Sinclair.