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Jacqueline Humbert: J.Jasmine: My New Music ☆☆☆

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  1. Androgyny - 2:05
  2. Broke And Blue - 2:42
  3. Wild About The Lady - 4:32
  4. Rented Car, Painted Woman, Borrowed Time - 5:03
  5. Strong Arms - 2:40

Seite B

  1. How Much Better If Plymouth Rock Had Landed On The Pilgrims - 4:43
  2. Grand Canyon Heartache - 1:38
  3. Clear Light - 5:07
  4. Environmental Collage - 2:25
  5. Younger Lady - 3:20
Cover des Releases

Datum (JJJJ MM TT)
– 1977 09  [D]
– 2018 02 23 (Reed.) [D]
– DR 001  [D]
– Unseen Worlds UW16  [D]
– Folk - Progfolk [D]
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Cover des Releases

Produziert für das 16. Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1978.
My New Music is a collection of personal stories and private desires, exposed, articulated, performed and dedicated to the hope that person's fantasies can contribute to another person's freedom.

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