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V. A. (Archeophone Records): Waxing The Gospel: Mass Evangelism And The Phonograph 1890-1900 ☆☆☆

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CD 1)

  1. Emile Berliner: The Lord’s Prayer (1890)
  2. Anonymous: In the Sweet By and By (1890)
  3. Holding’s Parlor Orchestra: Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Mar. 1892)
  4. Bison City Quartette: Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (1892-94)
  5. Baldwin’s Cadet Band of Boston: Nearer, My God, to Thee (1893)
  6. Baldwin’s Cadet Band of Boston: Hallelujah Chorus, from Messiah (1894-95)
  7. Standard Quartette: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Feb. 1894)
  8. Thomas Bott: Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (1895)
  9. Mozart Quartette: Nearer, My God, to Thee (1895)
  10. David C. Bangs, J. W. Myers: Medley: Psalm 100 & Old Hundred (Feb. 1896/May 1896)
  11. J. W. Myers: Onward, Christian Soldiers (Apr. 1896)
  12. J. W. Myers: The Home Over There (May 1896)
  13. Len Spencer: What Shall the Harvest Be (1896)
  14. J.J. Fisher: Calvary (1897)
  15. Steve Porter: Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (Aug. 1897)
  16. Len Spencer: The 23rd Psalm & The Lord’s Prayer (Feb. 1897)
  17. J.J. Fisher: What a Friend We Have in Jesus (1897)
  18. Steve Porter: Yield Not to Temptation (Aug. 1897)
  19. J. W. Myers: There Is a Fountain (1898)
  20. J.J. Fisher: Almost Persuaded (1898)
  21. J.J. Fisher: Marching to Zion (1898)
  22. J.J. Fisher: Blest Be the Tie (1898)
  23. Church Chimes: Safe in the Arms of Jesus (1898-99)
  24. Steve Porter: Just as I Am (1898)
  25. Steve Porter: Rock of Ages (1898)
  26. Frank C. Stanley: The Ninety and Nine (1898)
  27. Len Spencer: Hold the Fort (June 1899)
  28. Len Spencer: Throw Out the Life Line (June 1899)
  29. Frank Butts: Almost Persuaded (1899)
  30. Roger Harding: The Holy City [edit] (1899)
  31. Greater New York Quartette: Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (1900)
  32. J.J. Fisher: The Mistakes of My Life (1900)
  33. Steve Porter: I Am Praying for You (1900)
  34. Harry Macdonough: Safe in the Arms of Jesus (1900)

CD 2

  1. Prof. John R. Sweney: Only Remembered (Apr. 1892)
  2. United States Marine Band: Rock of Ages (1895)
  3. Dwight L. Moody: The 91st Psalm (Jan. 1898)
  4. Ira D. Sankey: The Ninety and Nine (1899)
  5. Ira D. Sankey: Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By (1899)
  6. Ira D. Sankey: A Shelter in the Time of Storm (1899)
  7. Ira D. Sankey: Saved by Grace (1899)
  8. Ira D. Sankey: Shall You, Shall I? (1899)
  9. Ira D. Sankey: My Ain Countrie (1899)
  10. Ira D. Sankey: There’ll Be No Dark Valley (1899)
  11. Sankey Quartette: Jesus, Lover of My Soul (1900)
  12. Ira D. Sankey: I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go (1900)
  13. Ira D. Sankey: Hold the Fort (1899)
  14. Ira D. Sankey: The Mistakes of My Life Have Been Many (1899)
  15. Ira D. Sankey: Wonderful Words of Life (1899)
  16. Ira D. Sankey: True Hearted, Whole Hearted (1899)
  17. Ira D. Sankey: God Be with You Till We Meet Again (1899)
  18. Ira D. Sankey: My Jesus, as Thou Wilt (1899)
  19. Sankey Quartette: God Is Love (1900)
  20. Prof. John R. Sweney: Beulah Land [excerpt] (Apr. 1892)
  21. Trinity Chimes: Nearer, My God, to Thee (ca. 1895-96)
  22. Dwight L. Moody: The Sermon on the Mount (Jan. 1898)
  23. Ira D. Sankey: Beautiful City of God [excerpt] (1899)
  24. Ira D. Sankey: Nearer, My God, to Thee (1899)
  25. Ira D. Sankey: Lead Kindly Light (1899)
  26. Ira D. Sankey: Blessed Assurance (1899)
  27. Ira D. Sankey: Throw Out the Life Line (1899)
  28. Sankey Quartette: Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet (1900)
  29. Ira D. Sankey: Where Is My Boy Tonight? (1899)
  30. Ira D. Sankey: Safe in the Arms of Jesus (1899)
  31. Ira D. Sankey: Onward, Christian Soldiers (1899)
  32. Ira D. Sankey: The Homeland (1899)

CD 3

  1. Fanny Crosby: Threescore Years and Ten (Aug. 1897)
  2. Capt. Charles L. Estey: Jesus, Savior Pilot Me (Aug. 1897)
  3. Adjt. Edward Taylor: Just Tell My Mother (Aug. 1897)
  4. John Sweney and unknown female vocalist: The Wayside Cross (Aug. 1897)
  5. Harry Heath: Service Cues (Aug. 1897)
  6. Ocean Grove Auditorium Choir: Haydn’s Creation: “The Marv’lous Work Beholds Amaz’d” [excerpt] (Aug. 1897)
  7. Winfield S. Weeden and chorus: Sunlight (Aug. 1897)
  8. Unknown trombone solo (possibly William Sulger): Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep [fragment] (Aug. 1897)
  9. Rev. J. Reeves Daniels: The 23rd Psalm and The Good Shepherd (Aug. 1897)
  10. Capt. Charles L. Estey: Almost Persuaded (Aug. 1897)
  11. Unknown: Trusting Jesus [fragment] (Aug. 1897)
  12. Winfield S. Weeden and chorus: I Surrender All (Aug. 1897)
  13. Winfield S. Weeden: Saved by Grace (Aug. 1897)
  14. Moody Quartette: The Shepherd True (Aug. 1897)
  15. Unknown mixed quartet (“2 Hals, Fran & Jennie”): Why Do You Wait? (Aug. 1897)
  16. Unknown cornet solo (possibly Louise Linebarger): Massa’s in de Cold, Cold Ground (Aug. 1897)
  17. Silas Leachman, Medley: The Church Across the Way [excerpt] & Showers of Blessing: Unknown flute solo [fragment] (1894-97/ca. 1897)
  18. Rittersville Singing Club: Lead Me, Savior and It is Well with My Soul (ca. 1898-1900)
  19. Rittersville Children’s Chorus: In That City (ca. 1898-1900)
  20. Rittersville United Quartet: Looking That Way (ca. 1898-1900)
  21. Rittersville Choir: Hebrew Morning Hymn (ca. 1898-1900)
  22. Rev. Frederick A. Graves: Will a Man Rob God? (ca. 1900)
  23. Rev. Frederick A. Graves: The Power of God (ca. 1900)
  24. Anna Maria Sawyer: Poem: “Resting in His Love” (Apr. 1894)
  25. Rev. C. Herbert Rust and Bertha W. Rust: Testimony and A Little Talk with Jesus Makes it Right, All Right: . C.. May 1894)
  26. Mr. Joseph Sawyer and family: Birthday Celebration and Rock of Ages & Old Hundred: . Joseph Sawyer and family. Oct. 1894)
  27. Frank L. Embree: To Each of the Scholars of Bethany and The Pillar of Cloud & Collect (ca. 1897-98)
  28. Unknown (“My Dearly Departed Mother”): Nearer, My God, to Thee (ca. 1895–99)
  29. D.B. Broad: Down at the Cross (Aug. 1895 [?])
  30. Ernest V. Parcells: Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (ca. 1898)
  31. Charles Taylor & His Two Daughters: What a Friend We Have in Jesus (ca. 1898)
  32. C. Crary family, friends, and cat: Thanksgiving Greetings and Nearer, My God, to Thee & Psalm 103: . W.. Nov. 1898)
  33. Grace Marvin: The Holy City (ca. 1898-99)
  34. Harry Heath: De Massa ob de Sheepfol’ and God Is Now Here (ca. 1896-1900)
  35. Harry Heath: Prohibition Speech (ca. 1896-1900)
  36. Harry Heath & unknown female: Barnyard (Quiet in the Country) and The Holy City (ca. 1896-1900)
  37. unknown
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  • Doug Burgett: Art Direction
  • Michael Devecka: Audio Restoration, Producer, Remastering
  • David Giovannoni: Audio Restoration, Remastering
  • Meagan Hennessey: Art Direction, Layout, Producer
  • David N. Lewis: Project Consultant
  • Richard Martin: Art Direction, Audio Restoration, Authoring, Essay, Layout, Photo Restoration, Producer, Remastering, Track Notes
  • Kevin Mungons: Project Consultant

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