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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Bitchin' Bajas: Epic Jammers And Fortunate Little Ditties ☆☆☆

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  1. May Life Throw You a Pleasant Curve - 3:13
  2. Nature Makes Us for Ourselves - 7:58
  3. Your Heart Is Pure, Your Mind Is Clear, Your Soul Devout - 8:18
  4. Your Whole Family Are Well - 7:41
  5. Despair Is Criminal - 6:18
  6. You Are Not 'Superman' - 4:55
  7. Show Your Love and Your Love Will be Returned - 8:00
  8. You Will Soon Discover How Truly Lucky You Are - 9:13
  9. Your Hard Work Is About to Pay Off. Keep on Keeping On. - 2:31
Cover des Releases

Datum (JJJJ MM TT)
– 2016 03 18  [D]
– Drag City DC 648  [D]
– Alternativerock - Sadcore - Singer-Songwriter [D]
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