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V. A. (Dust-To-Digital): Folksongs Of Another America: Field Recordings From The Upper Midwest, 1937-46 ☆☆☆

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CD 1: Pigtown Fling: The Sidney Robertson Recordings

  1. Leizime Brusoe: Fisher's Hornpipe
  2. Leizime Brusoe: Pigtown Fling
  3. Leizime Brusoe: Lancer's in Five Parts
  4. Robert Walker: Lost Jimmie Whalen
  5. Warde Ford: Little Brown Bulls
  6. Warde Ford: Crandon
  7. Warde Ford and Art Ford: I'd Rather be a Nigger Than a Poor White Man
  8. Charles Spencer: Mighty Adley-ca-budley-fatley-ca-ham-shaw
  9. Charles Spencer: Locks and Bolts
  10. Clyde Spencer and Harry Fannin: The Sinking of the Titanic
  11. John H. Matheson: A Mhàiri bhàn òg / O Fair Mary
  12. John H. Matheson: Stocainnean daoimean / Diamond-Patterned Socks
  13. John H. Matheson: Eilean Leòdhais / Isle of Lewis
  14. John H. Matheson: Gabhaidh sinn a’ rathad mòr / We Will Take the High Road
  15. The Balkan Troubadours: Alaj Gigi
  16. The Balkan Troubadours: Angelina vodu lije / Angelina Is Pouring Water
  17. Cecilia Kuitunen: Charm for Hiccups
  18. Anna Leino: Charm for Toothache
  19. Olga Simi and Sue Simi: Pium, paum
  20. Matti Simi and Sue Simi: Vilho ja Pertta / Vilho and Bertta
  21. Matti Perala: Heramäen pukki / Old Man’s Goat
  22. Josefiina Perala: Kataja / The Juniper
  23. Otto Sarkipato: Lähtetään pojat nyt soutelemaan / Boys, Let’s Go Rowing
  24. Otto Sarkipato: Keskellä lahtea / In the Middle of the Bay
  25. Maria Heino: Laurilan Aleksin harmoonipeli / Laurila Aleksi’s Accordion
  26. Maria Heino: Ei kukaan puhu puolestani / No One Speaks on My Behalf
  27. Maria Heino: Eikä ne haavan lehdet lakkaa / Never Cease the Aspen Leaves
  28. Maria Heino: Istuta, tyttö / Plant, O Girl

CD 2: The River in the Pines: The Wisconsin Lumberjacks Recordings

  1. Earl Schwartztrauber and Ray Calkins: Fred Sargent's Shanty Song
  2. Otto Rindlisbacher: Hounds in the Woods
  3. Ray Calkins and unknown percussion player: Shantyboy Tune (Kväsarvalsen)
  4. Iva Kundert Rindlisbacher: The River in the Pines
  5. Sven 'Shantyman' Svenson (Otto Rindlisbacher): Dinner Horn Solo
  6. Otto Rindlisbacher and Ray Calkins: Soldier's Joy
  7. Frank Uchytil with Otto Rindlisbacher and Iva Kundert Rindlisbacher: The River in the Pines
  8. Otto Rindlisbacher and John Giezendanner: Woods Holler; Hoot Owl Holler
  9. Otto Rindlisbacher, Iva Kundert Rindlisbacher, Ray Calkins, Frank Uchytil, Earl Schwartztrauber, and John Giezendanner: Medley: Die lustigen Holzhackerbuab’n / The Jolly Lumberjack; Fred Sargent’s Shanty Song; Schuhplattler
  10. Sven 'Shantyman' Svenson (Otto Rindlisbacher): Cow Horn Solo
  11. Sven 'Shantyman' Svenson (Otto Rindlisbacher): Lumberjack Story; Swedish Dialect Story
  12. Sven 'Shantyman' Svenson (Otto Rindlisbacher), Iva Kundert Rindlisbacher, Ray Calkins, and Frank Uchytil: Kväsarvalsen / Swagger Waltz
  13. Otto Rindlisbacher: Rippling Brook
  14. Iva Kundert Rindlisbacher, Otto Rindlisbacher, and unknown pianist: Saeterjenten’s sontag / Herdsgirl’s Sunday
  15. Ray Calkins: Styrmans vals / Pilot’s Waltz
  16. Peter H. Plante: Rolling the Logs; French Dialect Story
  17. Frank Uchytil: Marie Patin
  18. Otto Rindlisbacher and Ray Calkins: Turkey in the Hay
  19. Otto Rindlisbacher and Ray Calkins: Woodchopper's Jig
  20. Otto Rindlisbacher: Gamle reinlander / Old Reinlander
  21. Otto Rindlisbacher and John Giezendanner: Yodeling
  22. Otto Rindlisbacher: Sørland springar’n

CD 3: Harps and Accordions: The Alan Lomax Recordings

  1. Alan Lomax: Introduction to Joe Cloud
  2. Joe Cloud: Red River Jig
  3. Joe Cloud: Squaw Dance
  4. Joe Cloud and Clarence Cloud: White River Two-Step
  5. Edward King: Le Jour de l’an / New Year’s Day
  6. Edward King: Ida Goyette, no. 1
  7. John Cadeau with Ed Cadeau, Adelore Vizina, and probably Joe Miron, Mose Bellaire, and Edward King: Non que j’aime donc que la boisson / No, So I Don’t Love Anything but the Drink
  8. Fred Carrière: La fille du roi/ The King’s Daughter; Le mariage anglaise / The English Marriage
  9. Exilia Carriere: I Went to Marquette
  10. Fred Carrière: Pretty Polly; Those Western Shores
  11. Bill McBride: No Sir
  12. Bert Graham: Joe Williams
  13. Unidentified man: Torch Lake
  14. Lester Wells: Traverse City
  15. Nils Larsen: Yulia and Olaf
  16. Lester Wells: Long Barney
  17. Adolphus Delmas: Hayfoot, Strawfoot
  18. Ed Thrasher: Shoot the Cat
  19. Charles Ketvirtis: Russian Gigue
  20. Charles Ketvirtis: Buffalo Gals
  21. Charles Ketvirtis: Mother Song
  22. Herman Meyers: Was war an diesem Baum? / What’s on This Tree?
  23. Edwina Lewandowski and Stephanie Lewandowski: Chodźcie gąski moje / Come My Little Geese
  24. Felix Kania: Wedding March
  25. Tony Strzelecki and possibly Tony Wasylk: Irish Washerwoman
  26. Tony Strzelecki: Polish Polka
  27. Adolph Romel and Sylvester Romel: W żelaznej fabryce / In the Steel Mill
  28. Tony Strzelecki and possibly Tony Wasylk: Turkey in the Straw
  29. Felix Kania: Czerwono posiadło, a zielono zniszło / Red When It Was Planted, Green When It Bloomed
  30. Edwina Lewandowski and Stephanie Lewandowski: Goldmine in the Sky
  31. Yalmer Forster: Kulkurin valssi / Vagabond Waltz
  32. Amanda Härkönen: Kaurapellon pientareella kasvoi kaunis kukka / On the Side of an Oat Field Grew a Beautiful Flower
  33. Aapo Juhani: Juliana
  34. Henry Mahoski: Kauhavan Polka
  35. Selma Elona Halinen: Pikkulintu erämaassa lauleleepi suruissana / A Little Bird in the Desert Sings Sadly
  36. Frank Maki: Meripojan laulu / Sailor’s Song
  37. Amanda Härkönen: Oli mulla ennen punaset posket / I Used to Have Red Cheeks
  38. Kalle Kallio: Kuule sinä Hiltu kun laulelen / Listen Hiltu When I Am Singing
  39. Wäinö Hirvelä: Kylläpä kai / I Guess So
  40. Kusti Similä: Yli kymmenen vuotta Korpiinissa oli jo asuttu / Ten Years We’ve Lived in Corbin
  41. Lillian Aho: Oi Herra, jos mä matkamies maan / Oh Lord, if I, a Wanderer of the Earth
  42. Mun kanteleeni kauniimmin / My Kantele Will Sound More Beautiful
  43. Emil Maki: Suun kloorin kloorin halleluuja! / Oh Glory, Glory Hallelujah!

CD 4: When the Dance Is Over: The Helene Stratman-Thomas Recordings, Part One

  1. Stella Stacy and Henry Thunder: Flute Song
  2. Winslow White Eagle: War Dance
  3. Wallace Smith and Albert Webster: Tsyatkatho
  4. Margaret 'Laughing Eyes' Edaakie (Eagle) and Phyllis Lewis: 49 Song
  5. Leizime Brusoe, Robert McClain, Walter Wyss, and Emery Olsen: Good for the Tongue
  6. Ernest Joseph Belisle: Je ne veux pas d’un avocat / I Do Not Want a Lawyer
  7. Charles Cardinal: How They Sang the Marseillaise in Chippytown Falls
  8. Mary Agnes Starr: Michaud
  9. Marie Donalda Lagrandeur: Bonsoir, mes amis / Good Night, My Friends
  10. Alfred Vandertie: I Went to Market
  11. Alfred Vandertie: C’est l’café / It’s the Coffee [the Kermiss Song]
  12. Emile Boulanger: Dance Tune
  13. John Persons: Cornish Story
  14. William Reese and Selena Phillips: Cawn esgyn o'r / Paradise
  15. Dr. Daniel W. Wickham: My Welsh Relation
  16. Hugh P. Jones: Y mochyn du / The Black Pig
  17. John Williams and chorus: Siani bach / Dearest Sian
  18. Little Greene Richmond: Hide Thou Me
  19. Little Greene Richmond: Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
  20. Little Greene Richmond: One More River
  21. Preston Willis: Chase the Buffalo
  22. Hamilton Lobdell: Barker's Call
  23. Pearl Jacobs Borusky: My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen
  24. Pearl Jacobs Borusky: Last Saturday Night I Entered a House
  25. Charles Dietz: Did You Ever See the Devil?
  26. Charles Dietz: Three Dishes and Six Questions
  27. Emery DeNoyer: Snow Deer
  28. Emery DeNoyer: Shantyman's Life
  29. Emery DeNoyer: Irish Jubilee
  30. John Muench with Ralph Weide: Irish Washerwoman
  31. Noble Brown: Oh, It's Nine Years Ago I Was Diggin' in the Land
  32. Robert Walker: McNamar' From County Clare
  33. Charles Robinson: Fond du Lac Jail
  34. Lewis Winfield Moody: Alphabet Song
  35. Bill Neupert: Red Light Saloon
  36. John Christian: Red Light Saloon
  37. Bessie Gordon: Gambler's Blues

CD 5: My Father Was a Dutchman: The Helene Stratman-Thomas Recordings, Part Two

  1. Noble Brown: My Father Was a Dutchman
  2. Richard Taschek with Laura Zenz and Louis Taschek: Die Deutschmeister / The German Master [Regiment]
  3. Hans Huber: Wiener Fiakerlied / Viennese Coachman's Song
  4. Ella Mittelstadt Fischer: Wir sitzen so fröhlich beisamen / We Sit So Merrily Together
  5. Charles Robinson: Sockery's Cat
  6. Martha Steinbach: An einem Fluss daraus an Schuss / By a Rapidly Flowing River
  7. Albert Mueller: Landjäger / Gamekeeper
  8. John Giezendanner with Albert Giezendanner: Echo Yodel
  9. Otto Rindlisbacher: Ländler
  10. Jacob C. Becker: Onse gescht fu Chicago / Our Guests from Chicago
  11. Rika Tuinstra Enhoff: Schaarensliep! / Knife Grinder!
  12. Marvin Fennema: Bokkie / Billy Goat
  13. Anna C. Gysbers Scholten: Moeder, moeder de beer ist los / Mother, Mother, the Bear is Loose
  14. Mary Tillema Smedema: Epitaph
  15. Dick Kok: Wiene Wederslweh bloed volksrang / Blood of Netherland Flows; Vlaggelied / Flag Song
  16. Henry Kempers: Daisy, Daisy
  17. Thomas St. Angelo, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose DeGidio, and Michael Ranallo: L’America è tanto bella / America Is Most Beautiful
  18. Irene Ruffolo: Sona la mezzanote / It Is Midnight
  19. Joseph Accardi: Tiki-ti, Tiki-ta!
  20. Charles Elias Jr.: Introduction to Tamburitza Instruments
  21. The Elias Tamburitzans: Medley: Da nije ljubavi nebi svjeta bilo / If Not for Lovers There Would Be No World; Vinca ca / Wine, Wine
  22. Charles Pelnar, John Pelnar, Bill Slatky, and Louis Kasal: Švestková alej / Prune Song
  23. The Yuba Bohemian Band: Popelka polka / Cinderella Polka
  24. Emily Bauer McClure and Mayme Bauer Doser: Pod našima okny / Underneath Our Windows
  25. Emily Bauer McClure and Mayme Bauer Doser: Když jsem šel cestičkou úzkou / As I Walked That Narrow Path
  26. Albert Wachuta: Voják od Prairie du Chien / Soldier from Prairie du Chien
  27. John Ciezczak: Zbojniki / Bandits’ Dance
  28. John Ciezczak: In the Style of Sabala
  29. Bernice Bartosz: Matuś moja, matuś / Mommy, My Mommy
  30. Bernice Bartosz: Miałeś czapkę / Hat with Peacock Feathers
  31. Adam Bartosz: Zajumiały bory / The Forests Roared
  32. Stasia Pokora: A witajże / Oh Hello
  33. The Lithuanian Group From the Church of the Immaculate Conception: Subatos vakarėli / Saturday Night I Saddled My Black Horse
  34. Jalmar Nukala and Mamie Wirtanen Nukala: Tula tullallaa, posket pullalla / Cheeks Full of Pulla
  35. Abel Jotblad: Flickan på Bellmansro / The Girl at Bellmansro
  36. Charles O. Lindberg: Luffarevisa / Hobo Song
  37. Ruth Johnson Olson and Alice Johnson Olson: Julen är inne / Christmas Is Here
  38. Kamma Grumstrup: Fra fjerne lande kom hun dronning Dagmar / From Far Lands Came Queen Dagmar
  39. Otto Rindlisbacher: Fannitullen / Devil on the Wine Keg
  40. Alice Everson: Kom kjyra / Come Cows
  41. Britha Lothe and Hannah Haug: Her er det land / This Is the Land
  42. Hans Waag: Gamle mor / Old Mother
  43. The Psalmodikon Quartet: Yderst mod norden / Far in the North
  44. Sigurline Bjarnarson and Christine Gudmundsen: Ólafur reið með björgum fram / Olafur Rode Beneath the Cliffs
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