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Appletree Theater: Playback ★★★

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Seite A: Altogether Overture

  1. ...In the Beginning - 0:58
  2. Hightower Square (The Start of it All) - 2:18

Seite A: Act I

  1. Lullaby - 0:23
  2. Saturday Morning (About a Saturday Morning) - 0:52
  3. Nevertheless it Was Italy (A Deja Vu in a Pizza Parlor and a Bit of Merry Olde England) - 2:16

Seite A: Act II

  1. I Wonder if Liouise is Home (A Bit of Tragic Relief) - 2:09
  2. Chez Louise - 1:05
  3. E-Train (The Jello Song) - 0:58
  4. Meanwhile - 0:13
  5. Brother Speed (Vocal With Didactic Chorus) - 3:16

Seite B: Act II

  1. You're the Biggest Thing in My Life (Being, As it is, a Pause in the Proceedings) - 3:37

Seite B: Act III

  1. Don't Blame it on Your Wife (The Fellini Song: An Ode or An Elegy Depending on Tomorrow) - 2:49
  2. The Sorry State of Staying Awake (An Old Banjo Tune We Rearranged) - 4:10

Seite B: Epilogue

  1. Barefoot Boy (A Bit of Johnny Appleseed) - 3:16
  2. Lotus Flower (Michael, John and Boone) - 2:17
  3. What a Way to Go (Yes) - 2:48

Alle Tracks: John Boylan und Terence Boylan.

    Cover des Releases

    Datum (JJJJ MM TT)
    – 1968  [D]
    – Verve Forecast FTS 3042  [D]
    – Pop - Psychedelicpop [D]
    – Peter Spargo [>] [D]
    – Konzeptalbum [Tag]
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    Cover des Releases

    • Artwork [Cover Art]: Nick Gaetano
    • Design [Cover Design]: David Krieger
    • Directed By [Executive Director]: Pete Spargo
    • Performer, Directed By: John Boylan, Terence Boylan
    • Photography: Mark Roth

    Cover des Releases

    – Mojo Collection: Ergänzungen der 3. Auflage von 2003 - bis 1999 [L] [←] [→]

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