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V. A. (Dust-to-Digital): Parchman Farm: Photographs And Field Recordings, 1947-1959 ☆☆☆

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CD 1: 1947-’48 Work Songs and Hollers

  1. Jimpson and Group: Murderer’s Home
  2. 88 and Group: Rosie
  3. 22 and Group: It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
  4. 88: Whoa Buck
  5. Tangle Eye, Hard Hat, 22, and Little Red: When I Went to Leland
  6. Buzzard and group: I’m Going to Memphis
  7. 22 and Group: The Prettiest Train I Ever Saw
  8. 22 and Group: John Henry
  9. Dan Barnes and Group: John Old Alabama
  10. Foots: Hollers
  11. Dobie Red and Group: Stewball
  12. Bama: Levee Camp Hollers
  13. Tangle Eye, Hard Hat, 22 and Little Red: Early In the Morning
  14. Dobie Red and Group — “I Got A Bulldog (Well I Wonder)
  15. 22 and Group: Dollar Mamie
  16. Bama: Stackalee
  17. Dan Barnes and group: I Don’t Want No Jet Black Woman
  18. Bull, Foots and Dobie Red: Did You Hear About Louella Wallace
  19. Tangle Eye: Tangle Eye’s Blues
  20. 22 and Group: Rosie
  21. Bama: I’m Going Home
  22. Jimpson and Group: No More My Lord
  23. Unidentified Group: The Weather Get Warm

CD 2: 1947-’48 Blues / 1959 Work Songs and Hollers

  1. Floyd Batts: Lucky Song
  2. Clarence Alexander: Disability Boogie Woogie
  3. John Edwards and Group: Berta
  4. Clyde Jones and Group: Poor Lazarus
  5. John Dudley: Cool Drink of Water Blues
  6. Ed Lewis: Levee Camp Holler / Interview
  7. Ed Lewis and Group: Black Gal
  8. Bama: I Don’t Want You Baby
  9. Grover Wells and Group: Rosie
  10. Bridges Lee Cole: Hollers
  11. John Dudley: You Got a Mean Disposition
  12. John Dudley: Big Road Blues
  13. Ervin Webb and Group: I’m Going Home
  14. George Golden and Group: Berta
  15. Grover Wells: Up the River
  16. Clarence Alexander: Prison Blues
  17. Johnny Lee Moore, Ed Lewis, James Carter, and Henry Mason: Tom Devil
  18. Willie Washington: My Jack Don’t Drink No Water
  19. Leroy Campbell and Yancey: Sometimes I Wonder
  20. Henry Ratcliff: Look for Me In Louisiana
  21. Heuston Earms: Ain’t Been Able to Get Home No More
Cover des Releases

Datum (JJJJ MM TT)
– 2014 11 11 (Ed.) [D]
– 1959-47 (Rec.)
– Dust-to-Digital DTD 037  [D]
– Americana [D]
– Verschiedene  
– Archivrelease [Tag]
Archiviert als
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Cover des Releases

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