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Arca [>] [D]
Reverie [F]

Jeff Mills [>] [D]
A Tale From The Parallel Universe [F]

Charli XCX & Abra (feat.) [>] [D]
Drugs [F]

Stargate & P!nk (feat.) & Sia (feat.) [>] [D]
Waterfall [F]

Haerts [>] [D]
Your Love [F]

Magnetic Fields [>] [D]
'85 Why I Am Not a Teenager [F]

Hurray For The Riff Raff [>] [D]
Pa'lante [F]

Jay Som [>] [D]
Baybee [F]

Lorde [>] [D]
Liability [F]

Young Galaxy [>] [D]
Stay For Real [F]

Young M.A [>] [D]
Hot Sauce [F]

Jacques Greene & How to Dress Well (feat.) [>] [D]
True [F]

Neu erfasste Releases [P]

CoverElliott Murphy [>] [D]: Aquashow [F] (1973) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverMastodon [>] [D]: Once More 'Round the Sun [F] (2014) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverMastodon [>] [D]: Remission [F] (2002) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverSoundgarden [>] [D]: Ultramega OK [F] (1988) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverADULT. [>] [D]: Detroit House Guests [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverObituary [>] [D]: Obituary [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverJoakim [>] [D]: Samurai [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverDrake [>] [D]: More Life: A Playlist by October Firm [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverEmbrace [>] [D]: Drawn From Memory [F] (2000) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

Neu erfasste Publikationen

CoverVictoria Broackes (Ed.) & Geoffrey Marsh (Ed.) [>] [D]:
You Say You Want A Revolution? Records And Rebels 1966–1970 [F] [PDF]

CoverReuel Golden (Ed.) [>] [D]:
75 Years Of Capitol Records [F] [PDF]

CoverWerner Grundlehner [>] [D]:
Neue Hörgewohnheiten: Die Musik strömt – das Geld nicht [F] [PDF]