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Michael Chapman [>] [D]
Memphis in Winter [F]

NE-HI [>] [D]
Offers [F]

Flaming Lips [>] [D]
Nigdy Nie (Never No) [F]

Pharmakon [>] [D]
Transmission [F]

DMX & Swizz Beatz (feat.) [>] [D]
Bain Iz Back [F]

Slowdive [>] [D]
Star Roving [F]

Sinkane [>] [D]
Telephone [F]

Allison Crutchfield [>] [D]
I Don't Ever Wanna Leave California [F]

Foxygen [>] [D]
On Lankershim [F]

Young M.A [>] [D]
Get This Money [F]

Syd [>] [D]
All About Me [F]

Sampha [>] [D]
(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano [F]

Neu erfasste Releases [P]

CoverFoxygen [>] [D]: Hang [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverLesley Gore [>] [D]: I'll Cry If I Want To [F] (1963) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverV. A. [>] [D]: Lil Yachty Presents: Sailing Team [F] (2016) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverMichael Chapman [>] [D]: 50 [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverWilliam Basinski [>] [D]: A Shadow in Time [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverLeon Russell & Shelter People [>] [D]: Leon Russell And The Shelter People [F] (1971) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverLeon Russell [>] [D]: Leon Russel [F] (1970) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverD.C.C.+T. & Superfly [>] [D]: Funk You! Vol. 3. The Hardest In Funk & Rap 'Ever'! [F] (1983) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverAsylum Choir [>] [D]: Look Inside (= Look Inside The Asylum Choir) [F] (1968) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

Neu erfasste Publikationen

CoverTanner Smith [>] [D]:
Form Follows Function. «The Life of Pablo» and «Blonde» Challenge The Notion Of An Album [F] [PDF]

CoverSerge Schwarzenbach (Hrsg.) [>] [D]:
EB Navi #8 November 16: Beherzt kommunizieren [F] [PDF]

CoverMarc Hogan [>] [D]:
The Year In Streaming 2016 [F] [PDF]