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Rita Ora [>] [D]
Anywhere [F]

Lauren Daigle [>] [D]
Almost Human [F]

Sophie [>] [D]
It's Okay To Cry [F]

Everything Is Recorded & Sampha (feat.) & Syd (feat.) [>] [D]
Show Love [F]

St. Vincent [>] [D]
Pills [F]

U.S. Girls [>] [D]
Mad As Hell [F]

Sam Smith [>] [D]
Pray [F]

Blue Hawaii [>] [D]
Do You Need Me [F]

Lorenzo Senni [>] [D]
The Shape of Trance to Come [F]

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile [>] [D]
Continental Breakfast [F]

Abra [>] [D]
Novacane [F]

Forest Swords [>] [D]
Congregate [F]

Neu erfasste Releases [P]

CoverTriumvirat [>] [D]: Mediterranean Tales (Across the Waters) [F] (1972) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverV. A. (Compost) [>] [D]: Elaste, Volume 03: Super Motion Disco [F] (2010) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverV. A. (Compost) [>] [D]: Elaste, Volume 02: Space Disco [F] (2008) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverSquire [>] [D]: Get Smart! [F] (1983) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverV. A. (Compost) [>] [D]: Elaste, Volume 01: Slow Motion Disco [F] (2006) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverBlümchen Blau [>] [D]: Wie die Tiere [F] (1994) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverFrancis Dhomont [>] [D]: Acousmatrix - History of Electronic Music VIII-IX [F] (2005) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverEruption [>] [D]: Leave A Light [F] (1978) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

CoverNeil Finn [>] [D]: Out Of Silence [F] (2017) Spotify-Logo Deezer-Logo [P]

Neu erfasste Publikationen

CoverBill Brewster & Frank Broughton [>] [D]:
The Record Players. DJ Revolutionaries [F] [PDF]

CoverZygmunt Bauman [>] [D]:
Retrotopia [F] [PDF]

CoverBarney Hoskins [>] [D]:
1000 Great Voices. And The Records That Prove It [F] [PDF]