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Psychedelicpop (Spartendiskografie)

Die Pop - Psychedelicpop Diskografie

Pop - Psychedelicpop (Sparte) [→ Pop]


Musik: Eine Liste mit 71 Psychedelicpop-Alben hat RYM-User mekkipuur erstellt.

Exemplarische Songs [P]

– Beatles [D]: She Said, She Said [F] (Lennon-McCartney, 1966) [F]
– Beatles [D]: Tomorrow Never Knows [F] (Lennon-McCartney, 1966) [F]
– Donovan [D]: Season Of The Witch [F] (Donovan Leitch, 1966) [F]
– Beach Boys [D]: Good Vibrations [F] (Mike Love & Brian Wilson, 1966) [F]
– Donovan [D]: Mellow Yellow [F] (Donovan Leitch, 1966) [F]
– Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra [D]: Some Velvet Morning [F] (Lee Hazlewood, 1967) [F]
– Sonny And Cher [D]: The Beat Goes On [F] (Sonny Bono, 1967) [F]
– Association [D]: Never My Love [F] (Dick Addrisi & Don Addrisi, 1967) [F]
– Rolling Stones [D]: Ruby Tuesday [F] (Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, 1967) [F]
– Beatles [D]: Penny Lane [F] (Lennon-McCartney, 1967) [F]
– Love [D]: Alone Again Or [F] (Bryan MacLean, 1967) [F]
– Beatles [D]: Strawberry Fields Forever [F] (Lennon-McCartney, 1967) [F]
– Flowerpot Men [D]: Let's Go To San Francisco [F] (John Carter & Ken Lewis, 1967) [F]
– Strawberry Alarm Clock [D]: Incense And Peppermints [F] (John Carter & Tim Gilbert & Ed King & Mark Weitz, 1967) [F]
– Tomorrow [D]: Revolution [F] (Ken Burgess & Keith Hopkins & Steve Howe, 1967) [F]
– Alan Bown [D]: Toyland [F] (1967) [F]
– Simon Dupree And The Big Sound [D]: Kites [F] (Hal Hackady & Lee Pockriss, 1967) [F]
– Zombies [D]: Time Of The Season [F] (Rod Argent, 1968) [F]
– Donovan [D]: Atlantis [F] (Donovan Leitch & Steve Kilbey, 1968) [F]
– Tommy James And The Shondells [D]: Crimson And Clover [F] (Tommy James & Pete Lucia, 1968) [F]
– It's A Beautiful Day [D]: White Bird (David LaFlamme, Linda LaFlamme [F] (David LaFlamme & Linda LaFlamme, 1969) [F]
– Zager And Evans [D]: In The Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus) [F] (Rick Evans, 1969) [F]
– Bee Gees [D]: I Started A Joke [F] (Barry Gibb & Maurice Gibb & Robin Gibb, 1968) [F]
– Aerovons [D]: World Of You [F] (Tom Hartman, 1969) [F]

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