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Factsheet zu Bonnie Owens: Don't Take Advantage Of Me


Bonnie Owens [>] [x>] [D]: Don't Take Advantage Of Me Wertung: unbewertet [Print] [Embed] [P]

Datum (JJJJ MM TT):
– 1965 10  [>] [D]
– Capitol ST 2403 [>] [D]
– Country - Honkytonk - Bakersfield-Country [>] [D]

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Seite A

  1. Number One Heel (Owens, Owens)
  2. Pins And Needles In My Heart
  3. Don't Take Advanage Of Me
  4. Lie A Little
  5. You Don't Have Very Far To Go
  6. Stop The World And Let Me Off

Seite b

  1. The Longer You Wait
  2. Begging To You
  3. Why Don't Daddy Live Here Anymore
  4. Waggin' Tongues
  5. I'll Try Again Tomorrow
  6. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart (Montana)

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